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Glass Alerts tracks where your images appear online.

Use Glass Alerts to discover how your images are being used and where they are appearing online. Our coverage is specifically built to include websites where your images are most likely to appear, such as art marketplaces, auction sales, press and social media.


For clearing houses, artist estates and other license holders who need to keep track of their copyright protected images.

Extensive web coverage identifies where Glass has found your images.
Our algorithm finds your images even if they have been modified, with no false positives.
Comprehensive monthly reports detail where your images are being used.
See potential copyright infringements you were previously not aware of

Automated, effortless tracking
Easy image upload
Scans against thousands of sources including:
+ Auctions
+ Gallery listings
+ eCommerce
+ Social Media
+ Press
Monthly reports
Screenshots of image usage
+ your images are not added to the index
+ only you can see your images and where we found them
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